Hosting a WordPress blog on AWS (for free!)

Much of what I write is a compilation of what I found on the Internet, esp. PÄ“teris Å…ikiforovs’s post. I am indebted to him, as I heavily benefitted from his post while trying to get WP working. However, since that article is a bit dated, and cannot be used verbatim — I decided to jot this post down.

It is assumed that one would be having the domain name handy (e.g. or, before proceeding with the installation. In this post, let’s go ahead with

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If you encounter ORA-00604 (ORA-00604: error occured at recursive SQL level 1) in SQLDeveloper while connecting to Oracle 11g database; here’s what needs to be done:



, and add the following line:

# Set timezone for IST
AddVMOption -Duser.timezone="+05:30"

Another option (if you know the region code) is to provide the TZ code instead:

AddVMOption -Duser.timezone=CET

Restart SQLDeveloper and the error should be gone!