Making TOTP fun (ok, less boring!)

So TOTPs are irksome in that one needs to pull out the phone, open the app, and then enter the code at the prompt. Now, the naysayers may say: “ah, well, you could install a command-line utility, or use an online one”, to which I’d say: “Suit yourself!”. For me, it would still require me to have to type or execute or, as I was doing, open something like Google Authenticator on the phone!

Guess what, the humble Pi comes to the rescue here as well!

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Tying, Strava & Google Speech Engine

So, this happened a couple months ago, and I had lots of fun doing it (watch the video):

A detailed post would follow. (And yes, as mentioned in the video description, kindly ignore the choice of LED colours :)).

A few days ago, got the Python book I had been wanting. Being a fan of the Head First series, I started liking it even before I had got my hands on it. Prejudice, they call it.
Anyway, the reviews indicate that it’s ‘good for beginners’. So I might start off here itself.

Tried out Meego, or rather, I should be saying, tried out the ‘Meego port for N900‘ yesterday. Not a very pleasant experience. Not that I wasn’t prepared for a lot of loose-ends, due to the fact that it’s an Alpha release. But still, I’m not calling it ‘unpleasant’ only because of the look at feel. The device became quite slow and unresponsive as well. Thankfully, the good people working on the port had described the way to remove it.

I then thought of trying out NITDroid; and to my surprise — I loved it! The developers have done an excellent job at creating an Android port for N900. I don’t mind ignoring a lot of features ranging from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘hello-you-call-this-a-phone?’. But what the heck! I got a working Android device with little effort. And yes, ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

Python, Spring, and Java concurrency

Attended a Python training recently, and instantly fell in love with it. Mostly, because I could appreciate the ‘beauty’ of the language coming from the oh-so-verbose-Java background. And it is then that I realized, what is it that prevented me from exploring it wayy back when I had heard about it! Hmm.
Anyway, now that I have been formally introduced to it, I’m looking forward to it as a long-term association. 🙂

Also attended Spring training. I don’t have words to express on what all the Spring community has done to come-up with a light-weight J2EE framework, with seamless integration with about anything! I did have a chance to work with 1.2.x version somewhere around 2006, but then other technologies took priority and I could not keep in touch. Nevertheless, I plan to explore it much more this time around.

Java concurrency is another thing I’ve started following up now. I remember, of the numerous interviews I’ve attended, I’ve (confessionally) remained on the back-foot when it comes to discussions about concurrency. Decided to break this trend, and actively see what it’s all about.

I would highly recommend Java Concurrency in Practice to get your hands dirty with Java concurrency fundamentals. It has my favourite author ‘Joshua Bloch’ as a co-author.
The only let-down is that this book is currently out-of-stock in India (at least Mumbai & Pune (as of Jun’10)), but it’s worth the wait!