Pentaho User Console Customization Woes

Heaven knows whose idea was to embed in mantle-{version_no}-stable.jar. Customizing the UserConsole (/landing page) would be one of the main requirements a client would have.

The work of the awesome people at Webdetails has come to my rescue. It’s called ‘Community Startup Tabs‘.

OpenI Analysis Page Filter Panel Height

If you’re struggling with too many dimensions in your OpenI Analysis page because you’re unable to drag them to¬†Rows/Columns, then here’s a tweak:

Edit the file:

Modify the line:

//"max-height" : filterCatHeight + "px"


"max-height" : 200 + "px"

This fixed height would force a scroll bar in the JQuery component for ‘Filter’ — and that’s what we want.