DB course

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a database course, and I must say, it’s well-worth the time (whatever meager amount) I’m able to invest.

Thanks to Sri, and his persistence on us taking it.

I have taken a so-called DBMS course in academics twice, but never have I had the perspective as this course has given me. Thank you Prof.¬†Jennifer Widom and the team of Stanford University who’ve taken efforts to come up with such a course and have had a vision of the larger good.

I would highly recommend it to all the software engineers, especially those from India.

Here’s the link¬†for the ongoing class.


If you encounter ORA-00604 (ORA-00604: error occured at recursive SQL level 1) in SQLDeveloper while connecting to Oracle 11g database; here’s what needs to be done:



, and add the following line:

# Set timezone for IST
AddVMOption -Duser.timezone="+05:30"

Another option (if you know the region code) is to provide the TZ code instead:

AddVMOption -Duser.timezone=CET

Restart SQLDeveloper and the error should be gone!