Ubuntu 12.04 missing 'Open In Terminal'

So I gave in to the whims and fancies of Ubuntu 12.04, after spending nearly 4 months with CentOS 6.3. And then my project changed, and over this period of 4 months I realized that I have spent a significant time on getting a few basic things to work on CentOS. It wasn’t worth it.

A real irk for me was getting Eclipse (Juno) to work with any of the SVN plugins (Subversive or Subclipse) on CentOS. Even when somehow it did work — it was pretty messy. Every check-in/check-out was a pain.

Anyway, so what more opportune a moment, than doing it when the project got changed. Ubuntu, as always, was a delight. Although its tough to ignore how several features of OS X have found their way into Ubuntu. But it’s mostly good features, so, who cares!

I’m still trying to get used to the departure from the traditional Ubuntu that I was used to — my last encounter with it was maybe more than an year ago. While I loved how the interface has been revamped to allow for better usage of screen real estate — I already started missing a few features of theĀ old Ubuntu.

One of them was ‘Open In Terminal’ from context menu which was very handy. However, I took care of it today, thanks to a post on askubuntu. So, no more qualms (at least as of now).

Taming Apache Directory Server (ApacheDS)

If your ApacheDS is misbehaving — doesn’t start or stop — it most probably has to do with its .pid file that’s lying around because of an unclean shutdown. In which case you just need to delete it manually, and things will get back to normal.

In the CentOS 6 machine that I work on, the file is created in /var/lib/apacheds-2.0.0-M7/default/run by the name of apacheds-default.pid. On Ubuntu machines, this could be in /var/run.

Once the file is removed, simply run the /etc/init.d/apacheds start command to get it going!