Adding a local user under Cygwin

Suppose we want to add Gromit [password: passw0rd] as a Cygwin user.
Issue the following commands on the console:

$ net user Gromit passw0rd /add /yes
$ mkpasswd -l -u Gromit >> /etc/passwd

The first line adds a new user under NT.
In the second line we’re appending the user password to the existing list of passwords. Now, create a directory in /home for the new user:


…and make Cygwin aware of the new user.

Note that the user won’t be able to login until NT has a place to store his/her profile. For this, either login as that new user (on local machine), or issue a command to create a directory

<sysDir>\Documents and Settings\Gromit

…and we should be done!

Reference taken from here

SLSB to Spring

Recently we were stuck-up in a seemingly easy interaction of EJB and Spring. More specifically Stateless Session Bean (SLSB) to Spring.
We went through a number of examples present on the Internet, but nothing seemed to provide a clear-cut approach. Or, maybe, they expected me to be intelligent enough :).

Here, I present the solution which finally worked for us. This example uses Weblogic 8.1 server. We’ve not tested it on any other server. I’ll update this post as and when we test it on other servers.

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