RPi resurrection – Pt. II – NFS

The second good use you could put your Pi, more so if you have unused external HDDs lying around, is to make an NFS out of it! I’ll spare mirroring the details here, there are many good references on how to go about creating a Samba server. For example, this one.

Since my laptop’s storage is limited, oftentimes it started complaining, as soon as any space-consuming operation started. At that point, I often had to make some hard life choices! :), you know, of the “shall I keep the big file or zap it!” kinds.

On top of that, I am not sure about others, I have realised that OSX has made working with an external HDD as painful as possible! A FAT32 formatted HDD takes forever to be recognised! To top it all, there’s that eternal irk of having to “safely removing the drive”. I mean c’mon. Windows has done it — how long will OSX take??

Anyway, so those were the reasons. But, I guess, the basic reason was: because I wanted to. 😀

Once, your NFS is in the network, on Mac, it’s just a few more steps to make your new storage available, and ready to use!

The HDD did need to be formatted, as the original format of FAT32 did not go too well with the Raspberry Pi OS (erstwhile called Raspbian Buster) — in that the auto-mount used to fail. I formatted it as FAT to keep it OS-neutral, even though there are trade-offs but the benefits outweighed!

So, yes, that it.

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