Ubuntu 12.04 missing 'Open In Terminal'

So I gave in to the whims and fancies of Ubuntu 12.04, after spending nearly 4 months with CentOS 6.3. And then my project changed, and over this period of 4 months I realized that I have spent a significant time on getting a few basic things to work on CentOS. It wasn’t worth it.

A real irk for me was getting Eclipse (Juno) to work with any of the SVN plugins (Subversive or Subclipse) on CentOS. Even when somehow it did work — it was pretty messy. Every check-in/check-out was a pain.

Anyway, so what more opportune a moment, than doing it when the project got changed. Ubuntu, as always, was a delight. Although its tough to ignore how several features of OS X have found their way into Ubuntu. But it’s mostly good features, so, who cares!

I’m still trying to get used to the departure from the traditional Ubuntu that I was used to — my last encounter with it was maybe more than an year ago. While I loved how the interface has been revamped to allow for better usage of screen real estate — I already started missing a few features of the old Ubuntu.

One of them was ‘Open In Terminal’ from context menu which was very handy. However, I took care of it today, thanks to a post on askubuntu. So, no more qualms (at least as of now).

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