Down with Notion Ink Adam! (pun unintended)

I was so excited when I got hands on my first tablet — Notion Ink Adam. Although the moment I booted it — right from the first swipe, something smelled fishy — but the innocent me decided to keep a brave face and be encouraged by the ‘exciting’ journey I was about to embark on!

It’s been more than an year now — and I’m still waiting for that ‘excitement’ to come along. The problems are numerous with this tablet. In my journey to try to fix it, I have come across hundreds of comments and blogs about how crappy the product is! One of them said: “It’s an unfinished product!”. I completely agree.

Two questions bother me every now and then:

  1. Why did they have to put a half-cooked product in the market?
  2. Even if they did, what stops them from COMING FORWARD AND FIXING IT?!!

I’ll not get started with the issues in this product — probably I’ll end up writing another Britannica. My advice to anyone thinking about getting a Notion Ink Adam would be: Do yourself a favour, don’t!! Even a Samsung Tab would be better (I say this inspite of having no trust in a company like Samsung — but I know for sure, at least their tab would boot!).

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