Display-specific taskbars

I was always charmed by bigger workspaces. The need was underlined when I realized that I spent most of my time on a laptop with meagre 14.1″ display. I was glad when I got to have another 17.1″ monitor that I could use as an ‘extended desktop’. I was happy with the set-up as such — lots of real estate to utilize, until I realized an irksome issue: Windows does not extend the taskbar to the extended monitor. Thus, if one minimizes an application, s/he has to get back to the primary monitor, and access the application from the taskbar there. While it does not look like too much of a hassle, it does become a pain — especially if you’re like me — who open plenty of apps at once.

There is a nifty little utility called Ultramon which solves this issue by providing a feature of display-specific taskbars. This way, each of the apps are localized to their specific monitors. It also adds a tiny button near any window’s minimize button to send it to the other monitor.

Do give it a try if you’ve woes like I quoted with multiple monitors. It has a number of other neat features as well. The only con is that it’s not free or Open-Sourced.