OK, posting after a looong time..again, because of idleness, mixed with procrastination. Anyway, I thought of sharing some of my technology related confessions here:

1. Though I’d always been a big fan of, I stopped using it since the time I came across the bookmark sync feature of Google Chrome! The ‘moment of truth’ was when I realized, I’m using delicious to port my bookmarks, rather than using any of it’s ‘social’ bookmarking features. Chrome bookmark sync gives me the same functionality, without the need for any plugin (FF needs a plugin for delicious), and with lesser clicks / inputs. I now use delicious as a fall-back scenario.

2. The other confession is Google Wave — let’s face it, it’s been a disaster! As with all Google products, it had its initial hype (which I had succumbed to (and hence this point:P)), but it turned out to be a no-show. Boss, I don’t want to see what the other person is typing in real-time; I want to wait till s/he chooses the best set of words; I don’t want to invade the little privacy of their chat-text-boxes. 😛 I started loathing it all the more when one fine day I realized that now my Gmail has become more ‘buzz’ing. Woah! that’s new. Now since there aren’t any takers for Google Wave, it’d be forced down my throat! What the bleep!!
So, anyway, I feel guilty that I gave into the whims of from-Google-so-has-to-be-nice. Crap!

3. Aaand a week back, I installed Windows 7. I know, I know, “some people never learn”. Anyway, the lesser said the better. Now my aim is to restore my Ubuntu 9.10’s grub that it overwrote. *Sigh*.