Along came Firefox3.0b5…

Upgraded to the much-awaited Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) over the weekend. The upgrade was smooth, though it took me a long time. Installing from the scratch, I realised, would’ve been much easier. Also, I’ve tried everything possible (or so I believe) to get the sound working, but, I guess, there’s still something I’m missing. Anyway, I’ll keep trying.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about Firefox, rather than Hardy in this post. They bundled Firefox 3 Beta 5 along with the OS, and I instantly fell in love with it. One of the best things is (actually, the credit should go to the team) how easily it embeds all my bookmarks. It’s much more convenient to manage, plus, I have an option of directly bookmarking everything to as well.
There’s also a toolbar, which shows your recently bookmarked links, and can be customized according to one’s tag preference.
Moreover, I can now bookmark any link by simply clicking a star icon (akin to gmail) on the address bar. That’s so cool!

Another thing that was irksome in earlier version of Firefox was that the bookmarks drop-down would close when one deletes a bookmark. That’s been taken care of.

I’m sure there’d be a host of other features. Hmmm, browsing has never been this good an experience.


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